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Every February, events and celebrations take place across Canada to remember, honour and value the Black community's heritage. February was an opportunity for us to do just that by reaffirming our commitment to a more just society and to the values of inclusiveness and integrity. Thanks to our partnership with Alliance Française Vancouver, we offered a great program for our members to learn together about Black History.

Firstly, our members were able to attend a screening of the film "Tout simplement Noir" at Studio 16 at a reduced rate. They had a great time seeing this entertaining and thought-provoking film, which features actors from diverse backgrounds.

The Alliance Française offered our members a virtual reality exhibition thanks to their Espace V project. The exhibition took place at our 312 Main location to celebrate Black History Month by showcasing highly engaging artwork. Through this unique experience, equipped with their virtual reality headsets, our members were able to travel through space and time to reconnect with the past and dive into individual and collective stories.

This event was made possible thanks to the support of 312 Main.

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