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Throwback: an altered but joyful holiday

Our holiday dinner was supposed to be an in-person event with food, entertainment and concerts. Unfortunately, due to the health crisis, we had to make the difficult decision to reshape the event.

The food was delivered to some beneficiaries' homes, and our members were invited to participate in a gift-making event. Everyone was able to create decorations for the tree and scented candles to give to their loved ones or keep for themselves.

In total, we were able to welcome 40 people to enjoy a warm drink and have a friendly chat.

The meal was provided by our volunteer Nathalie Gilberte of the Association Francophone de Maillardville. L'Atelier Pâtisserie also made a significant contribution to the dessert offered. Lastly, the dish was ordered from Café Salade de Fruits. In addition to delivering food to our members, the reduced La Boussole team went out to hand out food in the Downtown Eastside community.

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