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StanDING OVATION De la plume à la scène

On March 31, the play De la plume à la scène opened at Studio 16. Here’s a look back at the performance, which was full of surprises.

Yesterday, the first performance of De la plume à la scène was attended by over 100 people. Studio 16 was at its maximum capacity for this premiere, which ended in a standing ovation.

"It is one of the best shows I ever saw in my life" said a spectator.

Seven amateur actors trained for several months to give a voice to the letters written during the À Portée de plume project. The moving show was based on the 82 letters exchanged anonymously between members of La Boussole and teenagers in Grade 9. The themes ranged from environmental protection to poverty, keeping the isolation and loneliness inflicted by the COVID-19 pandemic at the heart of the story. The show was divided into 16 sketches based on the anonymous texts.

With the help of Magda Ochoa, we recruited a group of committed actors who brought the values of social justice dear to La Boussole to the stage.

“I thought it was such a beautiful project. I was happy to be able to highlight people who are so often hidden behind the scenes,” said Léopoldine LeBouchard, one of the project's actors.

"I participated in the letter-writing project and was so moved by hearing my and my partner’s words," one À portée de plume participant commented.

A documentary will be available on the Webouest platform in a few weeks. We warmly thank the partners of the De la plume à la scène project for their contributions and support. La Boussole acknowledges the financial support of the Department of Canadian Heritage.

We would also like to thank Théâtre la Seizième and the Conseil culturel et artistique francophone de la Colombie-Britannique for their invaluable advice.

A big thank you to our volunteers, especially Camille Le Guellec and Nathalie Astruc for their support throughout the project.

And finally, our gratitude to our members and the Collingwood School students in West Vancouver for their participation in the À Portée de plume project. We’re happy to give your words the scope they deserve. Credits:

Original work by Collingwood School students and members of La Boussole

Playwright: Nathalie Lopez

Adaptation, direction and staging: Magda Ochoa

Acting and writing: Camille Le Guellec, Léopoldine Le Bouchard, Slim Rouissi, William Amorin, Macy Doumbia, Marianne Ollitrault, Nathalie Astruc, Benjamin Doudard

Vocals and compositions: Nathalie Astruc and Slim Rouissi

Superhero rap arrangement: Erin Kelly

Editing and effects: Julian Borderas-Ochoa

Partial use of original songs: “Blackbird” by Emma Stevens; “À nous” by Noé Preszow

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