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May 2023 at La Boussole

May is also Asian Culture Month in Canada. Sensitive to cultural diversity, our organization will propose several activities (we are still working on it, more information to come) to celebrate Asian cultures.

This fifth month of the year hosts another highlight around reconciliation, which we wanted to join. This is why we will be relaying the Moose Hide campaign on May 11, by proposing a period of discussion on the fight against violence, especially against women and children, and by wearing the moose skin pins (and the synthetic variant), emblems of the operation.

Awareness will also be in the spotlight with a dedicated session on the issues affecting the Downtown Eastside. The opportunity to learn more about its history, but also to tackle the prejudices and the discrimination that its inhabitants suffer.

To conclude this introductory note, I also wanted to share our participation in the session on discovering programs and services in French to find a job in the province, initiated by the SDE Colombie-Britannique and in collaboration with Relais francophone, Collège Éducacentre and the YMCA.

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