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La Boussole's food programme is expanding

Faced with a strong increase in demand from its beneficiaries, La Boussole has decided to expand its food program. The weekly food bank is no longer the only component of La Boussole's program; a monthly food support program has been launched, specifically targeting Francophones in precarious situations who are at risk of homelessness.

This monthly support allows the poorest Francophone households in Greater Vancouver to receive a monthly parcel of dry food (pasta, rice, cans, chocolate, cakes, etc.) delivered by La Boussole Mobile, as well as prepaid cards for the supermarket.

For the time being, only a few people from La Boussole benefit from this service; however, the project is aiming to reach new households and to meet new people who, lacking sufficient income, struggle to get by a little more each day.

This new feature of the food program is an important part of homelessness prevention policy. Savings on food provide a little more comfort when it comes to paying rent or health care.

“It's a relief,” says one program beneficiary. “Thanks to this program, I'm not constantly stressed anymore, especially around the time rent is due. Knowing that no matter what we'll have enough to eat gives me some peace of mind. Also, thanks to the prepaid cards, we can go shopping like everyone else, have more choice and sometimes even treat ourselves a little. It's important to live with dignity..”

Funded by the organization Second Harvest, this food support program will be able to continue to operate effectively thanks to the support and solidarity of the entire Francophone community. La Boussole relies on financial support and in-kind donations (dry food) to reach Francophones in need.

The food bank

Launched in 2018, La Boussole's food distribution now reaches approximately 150 people every week.

Organized with the help of volunteers, this event takes place every Wednesday at 312 Main Street and allows beneficiaries to collect food adapted to their needs.

Though snacks (sandwiches, pastries, fruit, dairy products, etc.) will be available for homeless people in particular, another stand will allow people with cooking and/or storage equipment to pick up goods such as organic fruit and vegetables, loaves of bread, cream, cheese, etc. Finally, a coffee station will allow everyone to warm up or cool down, depending on the weather, and have a chat with the La Boussole team.

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