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La Boussole offers a free clinic at 312 Main on December 6th

In association with the Vancouver Infectious Diseases Center (VIDC) and RésoSanté British-Columbia we are scheduling a clinic here at 312 Main next Friday, December 9 from 1 PM till 4 PM. Please send an email to to register.

It will offer the following services in both English and French:

  • Provide instant antibody testing (health Canada approved kits):

  • Hep-C – Ora Quick-HCV

  • HIV – Insti-HIV kits (HIV POCT program)

  • COVID antibody and RAPID antigen testing (Antibody sent to BCCDC, Antigen results available in 15-20mins)

  • COVID Vaccines – Please coordinate with nurse (see process below)

  • Physician available to consult any positive results and can also provide basic consults for other health concerns

  • Nursing to provide testing and results.

  • The VIDC provides consent/confidentiality forms for each participant.

  • 10$ participation gift card provided (Tim Hortons card)

  • They will have a stocked fridge with flu vaccines

  • Everyone receiving any form of vaccine (Covid included) will be given a vaccine receipt from VCH.

For COVID vaccines, people need to pre-register before December 6th EOD so the VIDC can pre-register the doses and have them available for Fridays event. Name and DOB and PHN would be required. VIDC can assist if PHN is not known.

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