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Updated: Feb 23, 2022

La Boussole is a partner of RésoSanté Colombie-Britannique and its project Fais moi un dessin.

The project's goal is to understand vaccine-hesitancy within the Francophone community, especially its most isolated members. The second step of the project will be to create appropriate documentation to facilitate their access to information.

In order to support this initiative within our community, two part-time community coordinators have been appointed. Lou-Anne Brocard and Elody Croullebois now ensure - in addition to their respective functions of outreach worker and communications manager - the recruitment, training and support of peer-members among the members of La Boussole.

The peer-members are vaccinated French-speaking people whose mission is to question the members of their entourage who have not yet taken the step of vaccination. Using a questionnaire, they collect valuable and qualitative data that helps to understand the reasons for the refusal of non-vaccinated people.

So far, 8 people have been trained for this mission and around thirty interviews have been conducted.

The data collected will be analyzed by the project team and a team of creators commissioned by RésoSanté Colombie-Britannique will work on content designed specifically to help Francophones make the best decision for themselves and their protection.

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