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International Women's Day - Schedule for our 2023 Event at La Boussole

It would be an understatement to say that at La Boussole, we are sensitive to the issue of gender equality. As such, it is only logical that International Women's Day, which is held on March 8, has taken a big place in our annual programming.

This 2023 edition will be no exception and the team has been hard at work for many weeks to offer a great day for women and people who identify as such. Organised by a team of volunteers and employees of La Boussole, this moment will be exclusively reserved for them and will focus on well-being, self-confidence, exchange and, quite simply, taking time for oneself.

On the program: self-defence workshop (on registration only), shopping session in our eco-solidarity thrift store Ensemble, a hairdressing session (on registration only), a forum space with the presentation of organisations and donation of cosmetic kits, an open art studio led by our art therapy practitioner Luna and a cloth sanitary napkin workshop (already full, we are looking into increasing the number if possible).

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