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In June - launch of our psychological follow-up program

While access to mental health care is far from equal in the province, we believe that it should not be a luxury. So we took matters into our own hands and now need you.

To give our members a chance to benefit from quality follow-up, we have decided to build a tailor-made psychological follow-up program for those who really need it. Today, this program is self-financed but we will not be able to make it sustainable without your help.

This program includes 3 pillars in order to offer various actions to beneficiaries:

- individual appointments with a certified clinical advisor

- talk groups to allow people to share on often common issues

- expressive mediation activities through art, music, sport, the development of the senses, etc., built in partnership with specialists.

Participation is almost free (a symbolic participation - depending on income - is requested to ensure the involvement of participants)

We need you to help us fund this essential service!

Make a donation now!

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