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From October 11 to 14, Let's focus on Homelessness Week

From October 11 to 14, we are offering a program centered on sharing and living together during Homelessness Week. Throughout the week we are planning artistic expression and creative activities to let the body and mind express themselves, while taking time away from daily concerns.

Tuesday 11: T-shirt creation workshops with Artisvm, from 4:30pm to 6pm at La Boussole (312 Main)


Wednesday 12: Collaborative art experience during the foodbank, from 11am to 3pm at La Boussole (312 Main)


Thursday 13: Painting workshop with Dominique at La Boussole (312 Main), more information regarding time to come shortly


Friday 14: Members' meeting, convivial moment around hot drinks, games and discussions - 16h - 18h


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