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Focus On : The Connecte initative - Bringing food to homeless people

The Connecte program is an initiative which involves matching youths who wish to realize a “dream mission” with a Francophone organization which wishes to welcome young people to help them, train them and make them more responsible.

Carried out by Mia, an 11th grader at André-Piolat school, the initiative we support involves distributing meals (good nutritional meals) to homeless persons, which happened last Saturday, April 1st. The goal was also to communicate with these people to ask them questions about their food habits in order to make a report on food insecurity.

In order to accomplish this mission, Mia is supported by the Conseil Jeunesse Francophone de la Colombie-Britannique and La Boussole, which share their expertise on subjects related to homelessness and mobilize their volunteers to help with meal distribution.

In concrete terms, Mia and other youths cooked the meals on Friday, March 31st in school, and then, accompanied by volunteers and a trained member of La Boussole, Mia distributed them to homeless persons in Vancouver.

This project is funded by the Government of Canada as a part of the Canada Service Corps program.

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