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NEW THEATRICAL PROJECT "De la Plume à la Scène"

Updated: Jan 26, 2022

A piece based on letters exchanges

Following the letter-writing project À Portée de plume, La Boussole launches De la plume à la scène, a theatrical creation and expression project with texts taken from exchanges of letters between members of La Boussole and teenagers. In these texts, anonymity is preserved, speech is freed, links are forged, trust emerges. Always full of kindness, the letters address both everyday themes and more difficult subjects.

Looking for our cast

La Boussole recruits members of the community - aspiring comedians or confirmed actors - who wish to bring the exchanges of letters to life and learn more about theatrical writing, directing and acting. actor.

Stage professionals will lead the various workshops and guide project participants through the process of writing, creation and interpretation, until the final performance which will take place in March.

The people who will participate in this project must therefore be present at the workshops and at the final performance.

SEQUENCes ADVOCATING FOR more social and environmental justice

Extracts from the letters will be used for the creation of sketches around the themes that particularly emerged: nature, discovery, travel or more generally a plea for a society with more just values.

These sketches will be immortalized via a capsule and then broadcasted on the medias of La Boussole and its partners. These will also be played during a performance that will take place during the month of the Francophonie, an important theme that appears in the discussions and which will therefore be highlighted by this project.


- Jan 27th

- Feb 3rd

- Feb 10th

- Feb 17th

- Feb 24th

- March 3rd

- March 10th

- March 24th

- March 29th


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