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To fight the panedemic-induced loneliness, La Boussole decided to innovate and created a project of letter-writing relations between its members and the students of Collingwood School in West Vancouver. About 80 letters were exchanged anonymously, containing pieces of levity and intimacy. La Boussole has decided to compile the prettiest moments in a collection available for sale today.

For over 6 months, À Portée de plume brought together 21 participants, members of La Boussole and students from Collingwood School in West Vancouver, who exchanged more than 80 letters over several months. At the start of the adventure, each participant was given a creation kit including everything needed to write and portray their emotions - including a disposable camera.

As the exchanges progressed, we saw the participants open up, indulge in this unknown person. The anonymity guaranteed by the project made it possible to bring together people of all ages, social backgrounds, or mother tongue.

To immortalize the result, excerpts from the discussions were published in a collection book created by the La Boussole team in collaboration with Annabelle Glas, French teacher at Collingwood and Elsa Chesnel, artist who facilitated the writing workshops.

This book is available for purchase. It will make it possible to finance future projects in the service of social links.

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