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a month of February still pretty full !

Updated: Feb 13

Our activities are now in full swing, with no less than 19 workshops, including theater classes (improvisation and forum theater), sewing and computer workshops as well as our monthly meeting of members.

This programming always takes place in parallel with our individual appointments (outreach work, employment counselling, psychological appointments) and our support on the food front (weekly food banks, food program).

February is also Black History Month, and La Boussole wants to focus on this national initiative. We’ll go into more detail in the next section.

We are also supporting this month's initiative of RésoSanté which is launching the 28-day challenge during February, whose objective is to learn about and adopt good lifestyle habits that promote the factors that produce good physical and cognitive health.

We’re supporting a new free clinic this month, again in partnership with RésoSanté, which will take place at the Carnegie, but will allow everyone to access the same health services (HIV, Hepatitis C, COVID-19 tests, flu and COVID-19 vaccines, and general medical consultations).

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