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3 reasons to participate in our annual general assembly

As members of the organization, you have a non-negligible power : the one to determine the goals, orientations, politics and rules of the society by voting during our annual general assembly (AAG). The annual general assembly is the supreme authority of our society, being the important democratic event in the life of every organization. The AAG gives you the opportunity to learn more about its achievements, the orientation of the organization and to take part in its decisions.

What is the role of the Administration Council (AC) ?

The administration council is the juridic authority of La Boussole. it is responsible for the smooth running of the society between the assemblies of members. It assures the execution of the decisions taken at the general assembly of the members. It administers the goods of the society. The administration council has to have approved by the members, at a general assembly, all decisions that commit funds of the society for a period going past its mandate. It can also invite the employees and/or the members to participate as observers at the reunions of the administration council. The administration council has the power of signature in what concerns all official and financial documents of La boussole.

Why participate at the general assembly

1. Electing the members of the administration council

During the AAG, as members you are invited to vote to elect the members of the administration council (AC). This vote is important because these people will then represent you in the decisions of the organization and will assure that La boussole works in your interest and in the interest of the other members.

2. Influence the orientations of the organization

Your participation at the AAG has an impact! We do the balance sheet of the past year by presenting the financial results and activity reports of La Boussole as well as present the year to come, including projects supported by grants, donations and community partners. An assigned time to share your thoughts will also be dedicated to you so that you may make your opinions heard and raise awareness on topics that you hold dear to your heart.

3. Experience what it is like at the heart of an administration council

If you wish to furtherly get involved, you can, when the moment arises, submit your application to be part of the AC. This will allow you to have the opportunity to determine the goals, orientations, politics and rules of the society, as well as acquire competencies that will be useful for your personal and professional plan.

Do not forget to write in your agenda that the annual general assembly will take place on the 8th of September, between 5pm and 7pm.

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